Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Holy Roller Hot Wheel Slide Show

Pictures from my Michael de Meng Class

Check out my sister's blog to see her pictures:


primdollie said...

way fun pieces as well!! can see you are like me the wild one in the family!!hehehe!! loved the ones you posted at the Scottish games way too much fun!!!! love your blog glad you started one and am sure you will have fun with it!!! glad Aileen posted your link will add you to mine too!!!! have fun!!(oh and I was not the one jumping out of the perfectly good airplanes though! I was the one on the ground mooning the guys as they came down under canopy!!!! those were days long ago!!!) hugs Linda

Connie said...

are those eyelashes on the lips? tres cool!
...and i love the slide show.
it is amazing how the grunge paint transforms them - just wonderful!

Kris Henderson said...

It's fun playing hot wheels with you!